Modeling and Molds

To start the production of ceramic pieces on a repetitive scale, it is necessary to execute a prototype – model, normally in plaster or clay, from which the first mold will be made later, in plaster, with the objective of reproducing samples of pieces.

Send the technical drawing and other specifications (dimensions, material, finishes, etc.) to:

No. Our shapes are exclusive to our collections/customers. We usually work with customer shapes or build from scratch.


For the production of collections at 105 Ceramic Lab, we ask that you send us the following information by email: technical drawings/dimensions, number of pieces, material to be used and finishes.

With this information we will be able to indicate how many molds will be needed, possible production times and values.

The value of each piece includes the time and knowledge of our team in the production of each piece, the materials used, 1st firing (mocking), 2nd firing (glazing) and/or 3rd firing in the case of applying decals.

No and yes, it will depend on the characteristics of the project.


The consultancy session includes specialized support in the design and development of ceramic products for the manufacturing/craft sector, in the following typologies: tableware, cookware, packaging, lighting, ceramic coverings, jewelery and fashion accessories, or any project that requires support in terms of conception, design and development of models.

In these sessions, based on training and professional experience, where mastery of industrial and artisanal processes, we will be able to support the development of the product.

Consulting sessions are divided into two sessions:

  • Session 1 (45 minutes): to present the project to be developed, where the client presents the project he wants to develop and what are the main problems and fears he faces;
  • Session 2 (45 minutes): where our team present solutions to the problems previously presented, sending a PDF with the systematized information.

45-minute sessions can be purchased to clarify doubts or provide a more personalized and systematic follow-up throughout the entire process.

We can chat and find a set of sessions or moments adapted to your rhythm, according to the needs and requirements of the project.

Customizations and Trophies

At the customer’s request, we can customize stoneware, faience or porcelain pieces with logos/images, names, phrases or dedications.

Yes, it is possible, within the characteristics of the pieces, to create exclusive decorations for existing models.

Yes, at 105 Ceramic Lab we develop entirely original models.


Yes. We produce and export all over the world.

To obtain a quote, send us an email to .

The pieces are packaged with the greatest care and affection.

They are usually individually wrapped in bubble wrap and the outside of the box is reinforced with cardboard to avoid breakages during shipment.

We also have plastic-free shipments that do not compromise packaging.

The packaging value will depend on the materials chosen by the customer.

We prepare the order for shipping, boxes or pallets, as required by each project.

However, the choice of carrier and transport value is always up to the customer.

Payment is made in cash or bank transfer.